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Land Grant Universities

land grant college

Who are we?

We’re excited to announce the 2021-2022 graduate student-led CHE-DOPE collaborative research initiative on the past, present and future of land-grant universities in the US. This collaborative initiative interrogates the foundations of University of Wisconsin - Madison's and the University of Kentucky's “methodological narratives of benevolence” (Lee and Ahtone 2020). We trace the contemporary social and economic implications of the 1862 & 1890 Morrill Acts in order to think critically about the relationship between land-grant universities, settler colonialism, indigenous dispossession and racial capitalism in the US. 


If you’re interested in thinking through the racist premises of your home institution, the relationship between academic knowledge production and the settler colonial state, and decolonial praxes in a land-grant university setting,  join us!

Want to join us?

We have scheduled reading group meetings as well as in-person events from December 2021-June 2022 (and maybe beyond!). We would love for you to join us! Sign up for our email list below to get all the updates, and head to the links to learn more.

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